Ideas and directions

We would like to describe three ideas in which Auglo can be developed into:

AUGLObal Stats

The first idea is to bring information to life by showing them in a detailed, organized and structured way. As this can sound great it may imply a higher level of knowledge and it may not be suitable for any typical user. Whenever you want to find statistics for the last couple years as well as real time information regarding different interesting information (e.g. air pollution, temperature, population, noise level, NO2 level, CO2 level, etc) and combine them in detailed charts, histograms you can use “Global Stats” for this.

Keywords: Global, Available, Unified, Information

Vacation Planner

As the information from the first idea may be quite overwhelming for typical user (e.g. a family that wants to go into a vacation) we want to provide a second idea that is designed to satisfy this requirements. The information is now filtered in such a way that user can quickly navigate to a location, view compact information interesting to their future vacation as well as quickly compare several locations.

Keywords: Location, Information, Planning


In the context of AUGLO which means efficiency and structured information we would like to propose the third idea which is focused on accessibility in terms of how user can interact with the product.  This way we would like to embed voice recognition into the product. Just keep in mind a scenario in which you are in a rush you quickly put on your VR glasses and asked for AUGLO to quickly show how was the weather in the past couple days and whether will it be rainy after lunch to take your umbrella with you.

Keywords: VR Glasses, Voice recognition, Efficiency, Information, Access