It’s time now to define Questions, Options and Criteria for our project. We’ve split them into 3 scenarios.

Scenario: Globe Interaction

  • Q1: How can I interact with the globe?
    • O1: Using your mouse
      • C1: It is easy to use
      • C2: You can zoom in and zoom with your scroll
      • C3: It is comfortable
    • O2: Using your keyboard
      • C1: You will not always have an mouse
      • C2: Sometimes it is hard to use your touchpad
      • C3: Keys are intuitive (up,left,down,right,+,-)
    • O3: Using your voice
      • C1: Nice experience with your VR Glasses
      • C2: Suggestive commands: Zoom In, Zoom Out, Rotate Down, Rotate Up, Focus on)
      • C3: No chain actions like (expand, introduce, click)
  • Q2: How can I focus on a certain location?
    • O1: Using search field
      • C1: You can go for an exact longitude & latitude
      • C2: You have to know this coordinates
      • C3: Visualize full list of countries
      • C4: You may be interested in different locations as you go
    • O2: Using voice command
      • C1: Spell location
      • C2: No typing
      • C3: Clear mind (no focus on typing, clicking, just thinking)
    • O3: Using already saved locations
      • C1: You can reopen certain saved location (longitude, latitude, country, layers)
      • C2: Periodically check certain interesting information
      • C3: Don’t have to go the same patterns twice
  • Q3: How can I select a certain layer?
    • O1: Clicking check mark for specified layer
      • C1: Easy to find
      • C2: Click
      • C3: Visually positioned
    • O2: Voice
      • C1: Select “x”
      • C2: No other actions

Scenario: Viewing statistics

  • Q1: How to view statistics relating selected layers?
    • O1: Visually on globe
      • C1: Suggestive lines out of globe
      • C2: Diverse colours
      • C3: Longer lines means more
      • C4: Smaller lines means less
      • C5: Country and city positioning
      • C6: Peripheral view over other locations
    • O2: On a separate chart
      • C1: Accurate numbers
      • C2: Detailed information
      • C3: Noise elimination (distractions from more lines)
  • Q2: How can I compare informations related to different locations?
    • On the globe
      • C1: Intuitive
      • C2: Longer and smaller lines
    • O3: On a separate chart
      • C1: You checked the locations to compare
      • C2: You opted for compare
      • C3: You have a detailed informations with arrows (green, red, up, down) suggesting plusses and minuses
      • C4: Graphs for both locations

Scenario: Voice commands

  • Q3: How can I opt for voice commands?
    • O1: Clicking speak button
      • C1: Visually positioned
      • C2: Suggestive Icon
      • C3: Blinking
    • O2: Spelling “Hello Auglo”
      • C1: You have microphone enabled
      • C2: Microphone listens for your voice
      • C3: Voice commands are triggered by “Hello Auglo”
      • C4: Intuitive as also Google, Apple uses (Hello Siri, Hello Google)

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