Welcome to AUGLO!


The projects aim purpose is to use an existing mapping service (e.g. OpenStreetMap) and a WebVR solution – for example, A-Frame or WebGL Globe and to provide innovative geographic data visualization experiences for data obtained from publicly available datasets and (possible) existing sensors worldwide.

We will try to focus on 3 ideas in the process of developing this project and to highlight some directions in which we can go.

Overall the application shall provide new layers that will depict several types of interesting information (e.g., air pollution level, noise pollution level, number of people, annual average temperature, and others) and a manner through which one could visualize the evolution of the data over time for each specific layer and possible correlations that might exist between the data from different layers. Users can use this information in order to plan their next vacation destination(s) or to decide the location for their house or resting place. Inspiration: Air Quality Egg.

So to summarize, we will try to make AUGLO interesting and useful!